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APR 13 2014  

Gouverneur Morris

I Did Not Sign the Declaration of Independence, but John Hancock Did Not Sign the Constitution, Either

Season 5, Episode 10
Features Adrian Littlefield as Gouverneur Morris. Hank takes on some tricky questions in Only Jerks Hate History and roughly compares Teddy Roosevelt’s book on Morris to Richard Beeman’s character portrait in Plain, Honest Men.


APR 13 2014  
Panic Attack at the Bundy Ranch

Panic Attack at the Bundy Ranch

Someday, I would like to manage my own land. Well, I guess I do already. Those pickles I’m going to make in July ain’t gonna “cucumber” themselves out of the ground. With bigger stomachs growing around here, I have to get those beds planted, and per the dates in the Farmer’s Almanac, rain or—believe it or not you Global Warming Fruitcakes—SNOW.

So…the Bundy thing.

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APR 12 2014  

Georgie's Looking for Something to Go Over a Red Oscar de la Renta Couch...Look, if you want me to compare the Administration of Prez Hussein to Nazi Germany, I really don’t have time to write a book, and I’m not interested in keeping myself up half the night wondering what Hitler-esque thing Prez Hussein did the day before and how am I going to present it in a tactful way?

Okay, you dragged it out of me: the exorbitant and inflationary printing of money to fund Government programs, Islamo-Nazi sympathies and unquestioning militarism, a propagandistic and manipulated Press, Government control over what we eat and what kind of health care we get (including who gets to live (re: abortions) and who gets to die (re: death panels))

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APR 06 2014  

APR 02 2014  

Woodrow Wilson and Progressive Tooth DecaySomebody remind me the next time I’m President of the United States and I suffer a stroke, that we have a line-of-succession clause in the Constitution that provides a nice, neat exchange of government and that I can spend the rest of my days in peace…and quiet…and that I don’t have to worry about perfidy or strangers wanting me to sign something or steal something or…whatever. And if I don’t trust just anybody, maybe I could rely on my wife to convince me to resign, doncha think? Or maybe my Vice-President…?

I realize there are lots of “What Ifs?” in life and that because I think it would happen a certain way if I were in that position, doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t do it the exact same way.

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